10 - WAX CPU Rental Service

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On the WAX Blockchain you do not pay fees for transactions. You use the network resources and your wallet holds an allocation of those resources.

You can stake WAX to your network resources so that more resource is allocated to your wallet. For some games on the chain, you are required to run multiple transactions and these can get taxing on your wallet and you will eventually find yourself unable to process transactions until your wallet "cools down". Knowing there is a demand for this on the chain and that many people often need more CPU resource, but only temporarily in most cases, Brix Society has built a CPU Rental Service. You can temporarily stake large amounts of WAX to your wallet without having to lock up your WAX in the process. This is available to any user on the blockchain. They pay a small fee in wax and they get the amount they need staked for any duration from 1-30 days.

For our members who hold Brix Society NFTs and are earning BRIX in the process, they can also use BRIX to rent CPU. When using BRIX to rent, your fee is discounted.

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