MiniBrix Comprehensive Trait Breakdown

Traits were used in 5 separate rarity pools, for each layer. This is a breakdown of those pools, the layers within and the traits available in each layer from all 5 pools w/ trait weight.

When generating the collection we had a major hurdle to overcome. How do we apply a rarity field in the attributes of the NFT so that our staking platform knows what rates to apply since the collection is all under 1 template ID?

Our solution: Add a rarity layer and run 5 batches of image generation. Then combine all 5 batches into 1 master collection. the master collection is the pool of NFTs that will be pulled from at random to deliver the revealed NFT when the purchased pack is revealed.

In the lower left hand corner of every MiniBrix NFT you will find one of the following Rarities:

The following order of traits is the order the layers are placed to create the image; rarity being the last layer applied, but not listed in this breakdown since for each group they are the same across that group:

  • Base (1)

  • Feet (29)

  • Pants (36)

  • Shirt (57)

  • Neck (36)

  • Mouth (56)

  • Eyes (47)

  • Ears (21)

  • Head (77)

  • Hands (51)

The number of possible unique images within this collection of traits is:

  • 464,990,345,753,472

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