8 - Tokenomics


Common - 6450 NFT's

Rare - 2000 NFT's

Epic - 1000 NFT's

Legendary - 500 NFT's

Mythic - 50 NFT's

$BRIX Token will be used for buying special edition NFTs through Brix Society events and competitions, the Brix Society store (Nefty Marketplace, coming soon!), traded on DEX's such as the Alcor Exchange or Taco Swap Exchange and used in a variety of LP Farms for earning passive rewards through those 3rd party platforms.

Token Max Supply = 1,000,000,000

Issued* to date = 12,130,000 BRIX out of 1,000,000,000 (1.213%)

The $BRIX Tokenomics was designed with longevity in mind. We have built this token with a 10 year distribution under the most conservative estimates we could make.

Project Wallets

pcfzc.wam - First project wallet (prior to learning Anchor) Is the Collection OWNER and is used for various project utility needs.

brixbrixbrix - Official Brix Society Wallet. Main Wallet. Anchor

  • Was used in the creation of the MiniBrix NFTs. Our minting contract delivered the pre-minted NFTs to this wallet and from here they were uploaded into NeftyBlocks during pack creation.

  • This will be the wallet that accepts all funds through sales and auctions.

brixbrixtoke - Token Wallet tied to the Token Contract. Anchor.

  • Holds base LPs on Alcor and TacoSwap.

  • Balance on wallet used to fund the staking contract or distribute to members when winning events or pulling a WildCard from the Packs.

brixbrixstak - Staking Wallet tied to the Staking Contract.

  • Balance is used by staking platform to send tokens to staker's who claim their earned tokens.

  • When low, tokens from the token contract need to be issued and sent to this wallet.

  • Note: When a staked asset is sold on the secondary market and transfers ownership, the staking contract automatically un-stakes the asset and delivers the earned tokens to the original owner and leaves the NFT in a state where it can be re-staked under the new owner's wallet.

brixbrixprod - Production Wallet. Anchor.

  • Used in the creation of the MiniBrix set. Wallet that processed the minting contract transactions.

  • Has no real balance other than what's staked to it for resources on the blockchain or left over funds from moving resources around to fit the current and/or immediate need.

brixbrixcomm - Community Wallet. Anchor

  • New wallet for use with the Brix Society Community as a whole. Will hold NFTs and Tokens intended for future events and auctions.

  • Wallet for collaborations to donate too or send assets for planned distributions or contests.

brixgames.gm - Partnership Pool Wallet. Anchor.

  • Holds assets for the project pools.

  • Holds NFTs mined from pools that will be part of what is sold through the marketplace using BRIX tokens.

Initial Distribution

11 Issues have taken place so far.

  1. 50,000 BRIX to fund the staking platform and to distribute a promised airdrop to our OG's (100 BRIX to ~80 members at the time) The rest (~42,000) went to the staking wallet for claims on the platform.

  2. 450,000 BRIX issued to add directly to the Staking contract wallet for claims prior to going live with PreSale.

  3. 25,000 Initial Alcor LP

  4. 50,000 BRIX For TacoSwap LP and to fund giveaways, contests and to cover any Wild Card pulls.

  5. 450,000 BRIX issued to fund the staking contract and website.

  6. 1,000,000 BRIX issued for staking fuel.

  7. 1,105,000 BRIX issued for Staking fuel and TacoSwap rewards.

  8. 1,000,000 BRIX issued for Staking Fuel and TacoSwap LP rewards.

  9. 1,000,000 BRIX issued for Staking Fuel and 1 year of tip.cc bot rewards.

  10. 2,000,000 BRIX issued for Staking Fuel.

  11. 5,000,000 BRIX issued for Staking Fuel.


The Brix Society reserves the right to make reductions to the staking contract's staking rate ONLY under the advisement and vote of the OG card holders and Project Team. This measure would be taken only after discussion and agreement on how little or severe the reduction needs to be in order to preserve the Brix Society economy and ecosystem.

At this time there is NO plan to do this EVER, but we want to reserve the right to, just incase it is ever needed to maintain health and stability.

The Team's goal is to maintain and increase the value of the Brix Brand, Economy and Ecosystem so that it grows with, and benefits, its members and investors.

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