6 - MiniBrix OG Pass Benefits

Holders of the Brix Society OG Pass receive several exclusive benefits including one free mint (claim*) of a Mini Brix NFT and an initial distribution of $BRIX shortly after the contract is completed. (DONE)

They also receive exclusive access to a private channel(s) in discord where more information about the project may be shared, early access to staking partner projects and the right to vote on key issues or direction of the project.

OG Pass holders will receive one free NFT of all Brix Society NFTs with a template quantity of 250 or more. These NFTs will be claimable within a fair, announced and time limited manner.

Note: If you do not claim and do not reach out in a situation where you cannot claim, then you voluntarily forfeit the offer. This does not include, Collaboration NFTs due to the unknown agreements that can arise from the two projects or the quantity of said collaboration asset. Promise to you: The Brix Society team will always keep our OGs at the forefront of decisions, so that we can bring as much benefit to the pass and it's holders as we can.

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