7 - Brix Society Staking Partner Program and Roles

Brix Society participates as a broker in several staking endeavors where upon the members of the Brix Society Discord have the option to join pools for specific currencies and have Brix Society leadership cultivate those pools in a responsible manner in an attempt to bring profit to all those involved in the staking pools.

Currently Brix Society is involved in 3 staking pools in addition to having access to several Axie Infinity Scholarships that we are curating for another project. Current Project investments also include Taco, NFT Battle Miners and Wax Arena.


Brix Society is not responsible for the success or failure of the specific projects that Brix members have stake in, and any donation to a staking pool is made FULLY at the users risk.

Brix Society's promise to the participants is to curate the staking pools to the best of their ability to increase each users stake when possible.

We all win or lose together.

**That risk is taken at the behest of the participant in full, and participants can buy in or sell out at anytime. If at any point the collective decides to disband the pool, the value of the shares held will be distributed in an open and fair manner and any terms beyond this will be decided through a collective vote at the time of the decision.

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