9 - Stickers and Blending


In Brix Society, we try to keep our asset counts low. We do this to help maintain scarcity and value within our collection. Stickers are a slight exception to this rule, but they serve a purpose in the grand idea and will be greatly condensed through blending. Here are some basic stats on stickers:

  • All Stickers issued will have a base earning rate of 0.0250 BRIX per hour.

  • All sticker templates are set to a quantity of 250. (that makes 1000 NFTs per set total)

  • Each sticker set is comprised of 4 stickers.

  • In total we will have 6 sets to complete this campaign. (6000 NFTs, most of which are FREE through giveaways and being active)

The 6 stages to stickers sets and blending will precede the 6 phases of the MiniBrix release.

  • Set 1 release - September 2022

    • Phase 1 Sale - September 2022

  • Set 2 release - November 2022

    • Phase 2 Sale - December 2022

  • Set 3 release - May 2023

    • Phase 3 Sale - Phased MiniBrix sales model scrapped due to bear market.

  • Set 4 release - September 2023

    • Phase 4 Sale - January/February 2024 (WAX & TLM Drops)

  • Set 5 release - April 2024

  • Set 6 release - TBA


All stickers will be able to be blended. At the most basic level it will take 3 of each base sticker to start the blending map. (map will be released in sections pertaining to that particular stage and all previous stages.) Blending stages will be released as they are ready and will closely tail the release of the stickers sets.

  • Stage 1 release - November 2022

  • Stage 2 release - May 2023

  • Stage 3 release - Sept 2023

  • Stage 4 release - May 2024

  • Stage 5 release - TBA

  • Stage 6 release - TBA


Reagents are consumables that will be required in the Gold track of blending in order to have a multiplier added to the base rate, boosting the overall value of the NFT on the staking platform. The Blending tree is designed to increase this multiplier in a compounding way, which will snowball the base earning rate into something spectacular. Results will be limited as the tree bottlenecks the further in you get. Are you going to end up with the final NFT? It's not going to be for the faint of heart.

Each reagent will come with a "charge". This charge will be the percentage multiplier applied to the base rate of the stickers being combined so that the result is larger than just adding the base rates together.

At any step along the blending tree you find you cant make it further or don't want to continue, all resulting NFTs will hold value in their own right as they will be pulling as much, if not more than what they original were and some of these results will rival a MiniBrix itself. Keep in mind though. results will be limited more and more the deeper it goes. There will only be 5 of the Final NFT available to blend for example.

Charges - TBA as progression is made. Patterns will emerge.

  • Stage 1 - Air - 5%

  • Stage 2 - Water - 10%

  • Stage 3 - Earth - 15%

  • Stage 4 - Fire - 25%

  • Stage 5 - Void - 40%

  • Stage 6 - ?? - ??

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