CPU Partnership

Our CPU service allows members to stake their WAX to our CPU pool in a Non-custodial way. You will be required to buy a BRIX custody wallet, that stays 100% in your control. (you hold the private key AND you can move your WAX in and out at will - as long as it is not being used for an active stake) There is a setup process for it that allows the staking contract to interact with the wallet and directions on that process will be posted here soon. (we have this automated) In basic terms, your wallet, once registered to the CPU rental contract, will be able to hold WAX in this wallet and it will be selected on a round-robin style selection - if not directly selected in the drop down. If your WAX is used for a rental, you will receive a portion of the collected fee. It's one more way that we want to share and grow with our community.

If you find interest and want to know more, please reach out to the Brix Society Founders or one of our Discord Mods and we can explain the process and assist in getting you set up.

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