5 - MiniBrix NFTs

Mini Brix NFT's are a collection of 10,000 NFT's; all with randomized attributes based around the base Brix theme.

Potential Prizes and merchandise could include, but are not limited to:

  • Exclusive NFTs that will help boost staking rates within the Brix Society Staking Platform

  • T-Shirts, Hoodies and other Brix branded apparel (coming soon...)

  • Exclusive Collaboration NFTs

  • …and more.

Mini Brix Character NFTs will be available for purchase during 24 hour buying periods that will coincide with Discord community member milestones. Prices for each stage will vary and increase in cost as the collection and ranks are filled. After 24 hours the sale will be closed regardless of how many are purchased until the next phase.

Current Anticipated Sale Structure

  • - COMPLETED Phase 1 - September 9th 2022

    • Free OG claim live prior to Public sale. September 7th through September 14th. Failure to claim in this period will forfeit their free NFT

    • 24 hour sale - $25 equivalent in WAX per MiniBrix

  • - COMPLETED Phase 2 - 850 Discord Members

    • 24 hour Public sale goes live - December 2nd 2022

    • Price per Pack - $35 equal in WAX

  • Phase 3 - Phased release model scrapped due to bear market and discussions with OGs

The community will be able to mint MiniBrix Characters and there will be no limit to the number of MiniBrix one member can have in their wallet.

Character Rarity Breakdown

Total MiniBrix NFTs = 10,000


  • 6450 NFTs (64.5%)


  • 2000 NFTs (20%)


  • 1000 NFTs (10%)


  • 500 NFTs (5%)


  • 50 NFTs (0.5%)

    • (Prior to the Phase 1 Sale, members who have reached the Brix Elite role will receive a custom built Mythic NFT through a one on one session with the team. This will be the only time this reward is available. COMPLETED)

Promos and Add-ons

  • Throughout the life of the project, from time to time we will offer Promotional NFTs and Collaboration NFTs.

  • The first Promo NFT is below and was handed out for free in the early days of the project and Discord launch.

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